Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today is day 8138 of my sobriety and it always amazes me that the disease still catches me off guard. I have spent the whole day feeling irritable and am pissed that my work laptop crashed this morning. I am not supposed to get it back until lunchtime tomorrow - and of course that does not fit my schedule. Don't they know who they are dealing with the inner sick voice says! The good news is that I have my home group in 3.5 hours and it is one of those days where I really need to be around a bunch of alcoholics who will love me back to serenity....

These high class problems are actually laughable....when I came in I was living in a park and had a different set of concerns. How quickly we forget if we do not remain vigilant

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I decided of me blogger me also...

my friends say to me: " you will see that made not badly, lance you "...
and well here! it is done....

the question now is:

what will I put inside it to me?

I will balance you my small stammer, those which I write when I sents only with the corner of fire, the winter, in this large cold house with orée of wood , when I am in love, the winter, always with the corner of fire in this large cold house with orée of a wood défeuillu, when I am in love in spring, in summer, with the autumn... when I am merry, sad (there is what, the winter, with the corner of fire in this large cold house etc.)... finally in short!

afflicted for the in love ones with the literature and syntax

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am not very gifted at photography with the tricks which move quickly and which jump everywhere, but I nevertheless will make a point of putting a photograph of enormous American squirrel on this blog. Photograph which will soulevera 3 points today.
1) doesn't that hibernate a squirrel??
2) do the trick drink some under the squirrel, it is what?
3) you know that the function anti eyes red exists on all the software of image processing even basic.
These 3 points are then subjected to a thorough discussion, of which I transmits only the essential features to you:
1) n/a
2) they is the cutters of tree of the campus which is artists in the heart and who have fun to carve the trunks besides that Ci was carved one Saturday morning whereas I tried to sleep - this photograph having been taken with the back of the French house, under my old window at the time of a friendly visit to its new host.
3) yes, indeed, but I do not know how it goes and that me %*&$£@.
In short, it is the hour to stop working, the stays prolonged in the shelves of the library not helping really my creativity of bloggeuse.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Okay, Rose Parade: A parade in CA that is broadcasted all over the states.. It is on New years day and the thing is every part of the float that is showing has to be covered with something organic... Like roses or crushed seeds you get it. Well after watching it on TV then we went and saw them up close... It was wet and cold and raining and miserable. Chris' dog is fine she loves me and Chris is doing well to we have a meeting this morning with all of our adult leaders for our youth ministry. We are going to be hosting a valentine dance so there is lots of planning to be done. I am back at school but school hasn't started yet. Which is nice. I am hoping that my classes don't get cancelled because there is no way I would be able to get them again.
Okay everyone I know it has been a while but I have been busy with school, church and sleeping so playing online didn't rank up there very high. Well SUPER BOWL 38 UPDATE: New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers it should be a good game it comes on at 6 o'clock us central standard time on Feb first... MY BIRTHDAY.... I told my mom I wasn't going to be coming home on my birthday but I would probably be there for the sat before... Is that wrong? I don't think so, I was just letting her know so her feelings wouldn't get hurt. I hate it when that happens. Well anyway right now I am sitting in my room with the heater on high as hot as it will go with the door and window open.... Why you may ask? Well because my roommate removed the mold off the window today but when I got home she wasn't here and the room reeked of lysol mold remover junk... So I have to air the room out. Fun stuff I think I am going to go to bed and let her close the window when she gets here. She has a pretty interesting entry about her first college party experience... You can read it on her site... She has several links on here... At the top or bottom.... Or in the middle side... She is the jumpy rainbow frog... Or The weirdest ones... whichever you prefer... Okay I gotta go!